Webcam Software for remote monitoring via a www URL

Hi, I have a logitech  webcam that I purchased a year or so back.  I was trying to finally set it up to monitor an area of my home remotly via a web URL.  The software that came with my camera had a Wizard for creating the webcam and a link  to a company called Spotlife; however I am not sure this company still exists since the time I bought the camera as I cannot find their website to create the trial webcam account.  So my question is this: I would I would like to setup a webcam and be able to monitor it remotley via a web url, can anyone recommend softeware or service that can set this up fairly quickly?  It can be freeware or if there is a fee I would also conisder that, even a do it yourself method with something like IIS would be good.  This is fairly urgent as I am going out of town soon.  Thankyou for your help.
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Here's a quick-and-dirty solution.  Use Windows Media Encoder 9.  You'll have to have a publicly accessible IP address at home, but you should be able to create port-forwards through your firewall to get to your Windows box if necessary.

Use the following Windows Media Encoder settings
    1. Source: Logitech QuickCAM
    2. Output: "Pull from encoder" (you can archive too depending on how long you're gone and how much disk space you have)
    3. Compression: Pick something around half your upload speed at home.  Probably Windows Media Server, 148 Kbps (15 fps, 320x240) would work well.
    4. Start Encoding

While you're away, on Windows Media Player, choose File | Open URL, and type http://your.home.ip:8080

It might be nice to create a web page with an embedded Windows Media Player that's configured to connect to your home machine.

Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
You can use yahoo messenger webcam .

BR Dushan
jfexchangeAuthor Commented:
Thanks Travis, that sounds like an interesting method, I will give it a go.

BR dushan, don't you need yahoo messenger installed to view the stream?

I want something that I can see through a browser or does not require a third party app.

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Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
You can use following JavaApplet.

Download Anfyjava software from

Then with GUI you can easily configure.

BR Dushan
jfexchangeAuthor Commented:
will try that as well, thanks been too busy as of late, will try to get to it soon.
jfexchangeAuthor Commented:
still haven't gotten around to it, just opened up rdp to the pc, hopefully i will get to it eventually, thanks
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