Listing another user's contact when sending emails

We use Outlook 2002 (SP2) and I am sure this used to work for us.  I have a secretary that has full control of her attorney's inbox.  She use to have his contacts folder listed whenever she went to send a new message by clicking on the TO: button.  This is no longer working, the attorney's contacts folder is not listed anymore.  I am sure this is how you do this:
Right click the folder you want to add.
Choose Properties, Outlook Address Book
Tick the "show this as an address book" box.

Can someone help?
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Go in to the properties of the Contacts folder, deselect the option for it to be an Outlook Address Book, then apply/ok out. Restart Outlook and turn the option back on again.

What you have outlined is the way to do it.
How does the secretary open the other mailbox? Is it opened as an additional mailbox?
If so, is that contact folder currently enabled as an Outlook Address Book? If so, try clearing the object, restarting Outlook and then enabling it again.

goodadminAuthor Commented:
Yes, the other mailbox was added as a secondary mailbox.  Yes, the contact folder is enabled as an Outlook Address Book.
What do you mean by "clearing the object?

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