Where is HKCU registry hive file ?

I need to copy the Outlook Express e-mail accounts from a backup copy of a disk to a working XP machine.  I believe what I need is held in
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Account Manager\accounts

I looked in C:\Windows\system32\config\ for a hive, but only saw DEFAULT, SAM, SECURITY, SOFTWARE, SYSTEM.  I tried loading NTUSER.DAT but I'm obviously barking up the wrong tree.

How can I access this data please ?
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LeeTutorConnect With a Mentor retiredCommented:

If the information you want to access was in HKEY_CURRENT_USER: Highlight HKEY_USERS, choose "Load hive" from the File menu, open

C:\Documents and settings\<UserProfileName>\ntuser.dat.

When asked for a name, choose "OldProfile" (or whatever other easily remembered name you choose).  Access/backup the keys you're interested in. Once you're done, highlight the "OldProfile" key, choose "Unload hive" from the file menu.
You can export the settings from the Tools . . Accounts page . . then import on the other pc

EugeneGardnerAuthor Commented:
I could if the other machine worked.  It doesn't - that's why I need to get the details from the backup copy of the files that comprise the registry.  I need a way of reading NTUSER.DAT I think.
EugeneGardnerAuthor Commented:
Hi Lee, thanks for posting.  That's exactly what I did - I thought it should work, but I got the following dialog box:
"Cannot Load G:\Documents and Settings\Moi!\NTUSER.DAT: Error while loading hive."
So I assumed I had erred.  Now your post made me thing again.  I was trying to access the file as plugged from a (n Acronis) backup archive.  So I copied the NTUSER.DAT out of there and on to the desktop and it worked like a charm.
Many thanks.
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