Extending the wireless range of Netgear's WGR614 Router with WG602 Access Point ?

The obvious idea here is to extend the wireless coverage of the WGR614 Router. I've configured the WG602 access point for repeator mode (same ssid,same lan segment , applied router's broadcast MAC, etc.). When configured as such I can connect (laptop to AP) but there is no path to internet.   All Netgear diagrams I've seen show a 'wired' connection Router to AP so am I missing the obvious here ??

Add'l info. State of AP's DHCP shows no difference...... When the laptop's wireless adapter associates with the Router's AP works fine. When it asscoiates with the AP no IP address acquired (ala. ipconfig/renew fails)

Thanks in advance,
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nprignanoTechnical ArchitectCommented:
These devices are not capable of performing a wireless backhaul - which is how a wireless AP can communicate with the router via wireless - for these devices you would need to have a wired connection between the router and the AP.

i think with those you have to go ap to ap for repeater mode & generally that function is only compatible across the same model. looks like you'll need to either:

* pick up a second ap (same model & version) and hook it up to a wired lan port on the router. then set both ap's in repeater mode with the same settings, or

* run a network cable to where you want the ap located, then you wouldn't need the 2nd one.

other netgear alternatives include their rangemax ap (replacing the wg602, or rangemax router replacing both), which might provide sufficient coverage without needing two; and their wall-plugged range extender kit (uses powerline networking to go from a ethernet bridge to a wireless ap).
bushman89Author Commented:
Thanks to both of you... I guess to do what I have suggested the Wireless Router's AP has to support WDS, yes? (I have found 2 that seem to do this, Buffalo and Apple's Apple Express.)
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wireless_Distribution_System  "wds" = "repeater mode"

i don't think the wireless interface of the ROUTER you have supports repeater mode, thus the need to either hook your existing ap into a lan port, or use a 2nd ap of the same kind connected to a lan port.

the netgear ap's will usually only work with it's own kind in repeater mode (the manual for some versions specifically states that). so picking up a different router may not work.
nprignanoTechnical ArchitectCommented:
in SMB wireless switches/routers/APs, you can often find the ability to create a mesh network using a wireless backhaul.  most often this is done using MIMO enabled antennae, and sometimes uses a different standard than the standard used for providing the access to the wireless clients, ie, you have two APs that are using 802.11g for cleint traffic, but the APs themselves are using 802.11a to communicate amongst each other, and perhaps to link between one another in absence of hard wires.  this is called using a wireless backhaul, and is often done on very large/spread out campuses to save the cost of running cables between devices in a large wirelss network.

these APs must be self-managed, or managed by another AP (then refferred to a a wireless switch).  i actually set up an implementation like this for a high-end pediatrics center just recently using SOHOware devices - it allowed us to tap into existing power runs and eliminate approximately 3 miles of cat5 cable in the building by taking advantage of the backhaul capabilities.

if the devices you are describing are capable of a wireless backhaul, then you are in business.


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