403 Forbidden

Hello every body,

I have received an error when I was trying to access a web site "Politecal web site", and I know that it's blocked by ISP.
Is there any way to jump or access the web site???

This is the message that I got
403 Forbidden
The following error occurred: Access denied by access control list.
Could not open error file

Any help will be appreciated.
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are you sure that the ISP blocks the site?
i.g. 403 is an status code from the server which tells you that you cannot access this resource, there is no way arround this (using this URL).

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Greeting Sayedmohd,
Try to go through a proxy server like

Go to google.co.in...yes GOOGLE.CO.IN

put the political site name & search......

From the results, click on the Cached link.....

I hope this will help..but if not let me know the complete error message that u gets...
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like ahoffmann said, you're getting a reply from the web server - if the traffic was blocked by your ISP then it would never have made it to the remote site (ie website) and you would have gotten an error saying the page could not be displayed, or something similar.  telnetting to port 80 on the website will proove this (telnet www.thesite.com 80).  If the screen goes black, it connected.  This is assuming that you're not using a proxy to access the web - what country are you in (India ?) ?  Like ahoffmann said, assuming you genuinely don't have access to this (and that it's not an error on the web admin's part) then you can't access the URL - if there were ways around this then every website would have people accessing stuff that they're not supposed to.  Just my 2 cent :)
If you are confirmed that this site is blocked by ISP then ask them to give some proxy ip address through which you can access this site.
All the guys above are coorect.

1) It is a server error denying you.
2) contact the Server admin and see what is going on.
3) Try a proxy as listed.
The remote server is denying access to your isp, so try contacting them via email or phone and ask about it
Hi Sayedmohd,

Here is a site which shows some explaination on HTTP Error 403 - Forbidden

Maybe you understand more from there
A 403 error is from the web server and not from your ISP. If it is an IIS server then it is common for one of the settings to be slightly incorrect (it only takes a tick of a box or two) and it can deny access to outside users. Contact the server admin and see if they know, could just be an error on their half or they have blocked you for some reason.

Can you get to the site on a proxy? If not, then it's something configured wrong on the server and nothing at your end.
This site offers a kind of proxy service:

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