hello i want to make nice effect with photoshop to this logo


i will give 500 point to better one who will make nice logo
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That's a wide-open question of the type I often just ignore. Requires knowledge of Photoshop and some artisitic ability as well.

But anyway, you could experiment with layer styles. To open the layer styles palette, go to the layer palette and click the small icon in the bottom left of the layer palette. You can apply colors, glows, shadows, beveling, textures. All manner of cool things via layer styles.

I've tried to be patient and explain this to you: we are happy to help you learn how to do what you want to do, but we are not here to do it for you. If you have Photoshop, we can help you learn how to create your logo. If you don't have photoshop, we can suggest other graphics programs (free ones, even) that can do it, and help you learn the steps.

You may wish to try a site like www.elance.com, where you can hire someone to do the work for you. Here at Experts Exchange, the experts themselves may be suspended or lose their expert status if they fail to follow the rules of the site.

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newnewmommonAuthor Commented:
ok i have photo shop
how can i make nice effect to this logo???
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