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In Access 2000 I have a report. I need to put a sub report in the Page footer and set the sub reports "Can Grow" to yes.
However, it does not grow at run time!

How do I get it to grow?
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The subreport can grow, but not beyond the size of the footer. The page footer cannot grow. There is a trick for growing page headers, but not footers. You will have to set aside enough space for it.

TimTDPAuthor Commented:
What is the trick?
The trick is to add a dummy group, for example on the expression "=True" at the very top in "Sorting and Grouping". Then select Group Header: Yes, and, on the header itself, choose Repeat Section: Yes. That way, you get a second hand-made page header.

However, this doesn't work for footer.

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TimTDPAuthor Commented:
I have already done this.

It is the page footer I can't get right!
As I said, this is not possible. If you think about it, there is no way to implement growing page footers, either. Access (or any other page-formatting software) needs to know the size of the footer before it starts printing the page.

If you really need it, I see only this tweak (MDB files only):

 * Open report rptCheckSize, containing only a detail section with the same subreport
 * In Detail_Format, record the size of the subform control to a global variable
 * Open your rptPageFooterStunt report in _design_ view
 * Adjust the size of the footer (and while you are at it of the subform control)
 * Switch to report preview...

I have to say I keep wondering what makes you need a subreport in a footer anyway. Care to explain?


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TimTDPAuthor Commented:
For a generic report for company documents.

I have different company's, each with their own header and footer details. I have reports for each company's header and footer, which are inserted as sub reports in the main report. At run time I change the source of the sub reports to reflect the correct company. I can never guarantee that the height will always be the same for each company, hence the "can grow" requirement.
Ah, ok. We did use that security scheme in one of project I was working on. However, we only inserted a fixed-size form as subform on the reports. (It was a form, so that we could display the same in the "About" box and some other forms...)

If you generate MDE files for your clients, you could run a function that will loop through all reports and adjust the page footers and save. Then generate the customized MDE.

If you distribute MDB files, you could include a tool in some options dialog: refresh reports for changed footer layout, so that they can do that themselves.

From what you describe, run-time adjustments are probably not a good idea...

Good luck!
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