Silence the First Ring on My Phone Line (with Modem or Device)

I use software to hang up on private/restricted calls and other calls from phone numbers that my caller id on my modem detects (using CallZap at But, I still receive a large number of these calls and they still ring through on my phone for a single ring. That might not seem like much, but when you receive 20-40+ single ring calls, especially in the middle of the night, it can become just a bit much. Are there any modem commands, software programs, and/or telephone devices I can use to allow my modem to capture the caller id data and hang up on unwanted calls, without passing that first ring to my standard phones. Thank you so much for your help; it will really improve my quality of life.
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Joseph OLoughlinIT Support SpecialistCommented:
I use "The Stick" and it supresses the first ring.
Greetings, rmock123 !

Check if there is a setting in CallZap to change the ring tone to silent when hanging up.  You may want to email or telephone CallZap support personnel.

You can turn down the ring tone so that it would be quieter, especially at night. Otherwise, there are no other software or command that can do this.

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rmock123Author Commented:
I haven't had a really satisfactory answer yet. I have found the Phonemate line of telephones which allow to silence the first ring while the Caller ID info is being collected, and I'm sure there are likely other devices that control first rings out there as well, but I'm just having difficulty finding them. If no one else has any recommendations, I'll accept your comment in a week or so. Thanks for your response.
The best solution for your issue is the do not call list.....

It worked for me.
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