IP Address question

Got a small question about my IP address given staticly by my ISP.

Is there an application or another way that I can make my IP address appear different than it actually is?

I.e. turn into or whatever.

Some online websites that I am using are authentication my account via my IP address and I would like to create another account but still access it from my home internet, but to do this I would have to mask my IP address into something different. Is this possible in any way?

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Yes you can do that. Your other option is to use an anonymous proxy like

Rob WilliamsCommented:
No I am afraid not.
If your address is dynamic (assigned automatically by your ISP) you can sometimes log onto your router, assuming you are using one, and on the MAC address/cloning page change, the MAC address of the router. Reboot the modem and router and you will likely be assigned a new IP address. However, it is not possible to change it back and forth.
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