'Check for newer versions of stored pages'


I'm using AJAX on my website, but internet explorer does not seem to actually be refreshing the data I retrieve via AJAX when I refresh the page. For example, I have a button that when pressed uses an XMLHttpRequest to go read some data from a database then returns it to the browser for display. It looks like:

    Press button
    XMLHttpRequest gets data from db
    XMLHttpRequest renders returned data in client browser

I can update the records in the database, ask the page to retrieve data but it doesn't seem to 'see' the new records unless I close the browser, and open a new instance. Then it picks up the changes.

Also if I go into the IE settings and choose 'Check for newer versions of stored pages: Every visit to the page' it works perfectly.

I can't rely on users to have chosen that setting though, so what can I do to get around this behaviour?

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put the current time in milliseconds into the URL as a parameter

    ajaxobj.open( 'GET', 'yoururl.php?t=" + new Date().getTime(), true ) ;

It will fool the browser into getting a new version of the page rather than just reading it from the cache :-)

minnirokAuthor Commented:
Hi Tim,

Right now I'm already passing some params to my php script like:

    function DoIt()
        var vParams = "apple" + "," "orange";

        httpGetStuff.open("GET", "myScript.php?param=" + vParams, true);

How can I incorporate that time stamp?


      httpGetStuff.open("GET", "myScript.php?param=" + vParams + "&cachebuster=" + new Date().getTime(), true);

should do it :-)

And you may want to escape your params, just incase of spaces, quotes, etc...

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minnirokAuthor Commented:
tres chouvette, merci beaucoup!
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