The best solution for a complete Backup - 200GB HDD

Here is my situation:

I would like to sync my entire system to a backup (which I was able to do fine w/ Ghost on my 20GB HDD), but I have recently purchased a 200GB drive. and for the backup to run, we are sync about 2-3 days.

I am looking for a solution that will allow a full system restore - meaning OS, configs, registry settings, programs, etc etc - everything! I am talking about when my entire computer crashes, and I have to start up for a boot disk.

Can anyone recommend a method or solution to solve this issue? Even if something is running in the bg I am ok.. I just want a working solution for this. SOS

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
If you're looking to protect against a single hard disk failure, get yourself a RAID controller and setup a Mirror.

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GHOST would do the job for you, but recommend from Mr. Leew is great choice, since it would easy to get anything back on and working in case of emergency!!! Unless you are not familiar with RAID, so I would recommend the GHOST.

Ghost would be the best option, or Powerquest PQI.  

Maybe get an external 200gb drive and do a backup to that, or even a second internal drive.  
Check out Acronis True Image,

Very easy to use and works well.  You make a boot disk which will allow you to easily do a full system restore with no fuss at all.  It's saved my bacon a few times.  It is also more bang for the buck than Ghost.

Also the mirror is probably a wise choice but it is not a 'backup'.  Meaning it will protect against a disk hardware failure but if you system is messed in some other way you will need a proper backup.  The mirror will not prevent a problem with a virus or a screwed up registry etc.

You may wish to try Acronis Trueimage.
I have find it rather useful and maybe the article below will give you a better view..

Acronis True Image Review (version 8): In Depth

Introducing Acronis True Image 8.0: True Disaster Recovery
(For full review see the link above)
Works within Windows: Unlike inferior MS DOS-based disk imagers, Acronis True Image never requires you to restart your computer in order to complete an imaging backup operation.
Split Image Files: Image files can be stored on permanent media (such as another hard drive), or on removable medium (such as ZIP disks, CD/DVD-R, etc). If the image is too large to fit on the destination medium, True Image can split the image across multiple volumes.

Store Images Remotely: Image files are typically quite large in size; in addition to storing the backup on a local computer, True Image also provides the option to save the image backups on a remote PC -- perfect for laptops and older PCs that are short on storage space or don't have a CD burner to store the backup!
Explore Image and Restore Single Files: In addition to restoring an entire volume, users may choose to extract single [or multiple] files by exploring an image file.

Full and Incremental Backups: True Image is one of the few disk imaging solutions to offer both Full Image backup as well as Incremental Imaging, which only backs up new or changed data from a previous backup set.

Side note: If you choose to save all your image backups to CD or DVD media, incremental backups can save a substantial amount of time, medium, and money in the long run.
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