Read a text and formatt it

I want to read a text from a text area and store it in a DB. My problem is : how can I do to format my text before store it in db.
For example if I tape this text in my text area:

"The sun was shining on the sea,
Shining with all his might:
He did his very best to make
The billows smooth and bright-
And this was odd because it was
The middle of the night."

how read the carriage return and marked them with a special character?
And when I get my text from db to a txt file, how formatting it and have a text like over.  

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What kind of statement are You using? Is it Statement or PreparedStatement?
there are several other special characters rather than just carriage return. how do you want to escape them ?
simply use PreparedStatements, then escaping would be done automatically

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You should use PreparedStatement for efectiveness and greater possibilities:

//I assume here You have a table 'table', having one field of type varchar(100).
//Then the prepared statement is created, where the char '?' is a placeholder for a fields value in subsequent operations
PreparedStatement ps = connection.prepareStatement("INSERT INTO table VALUES(?)");
//now insert the value
ps.setString(1, textArea.getText());

For more information on how to use PreparedStatemet's see here:
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why do you need to m,ark special characters, would appear you should be just saving the text as is.
String var = "this is the text you want to mark";
var = var.replaceAll("\n", "$$$"); // where $$$ is the special char
// then write to the DB

On reverse, just do it in reverse:

var = var.replaceAll("$$$", "\n");


Use chr(13)||chr(10) for a \n.

Then on select query, you do not need to do anything.
LepreRossaAuthor Commented:
but I have explained badly my problem.
I would replace carriage returns with a personal tag like :"\nt" when I read my text from a jsp and then I would to replace my special tag "\nt" with carriage return when diplay my text on jsp.
I have found this function that works on client side, I need something like this but on sever side:

function escapeVal(textarea,replaceWith){
textarea is reference to that object, replaceWith is string that will replace the encoded return
textarea.value = escape(textarea.value) encode textarea string's carriage returns

for(i=0; i<textarea.value.length; i++){
loop through string, replacing carriage return encoding with HTML break tag

if(textarea.value.indexOf("%0D%0A") > -1){
Windows encodes returns as \r\n hex
else if(textarea.value.indexOf("%0A") > -1){
Unix encodes returns as \n hex
else if(textarea.value.indexOf("%0D") > -1){
Macintosh encodes returns as \r hex


textarea.value=unescape(textarea.value) unescape all other encoded characters
This problem appears to have been resolved.

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