Nessus 3.0 Locking Up DSL modem or service

My company put in a QWEST business DSL service at my residence so I could run security scans and penetration testing on off-hours.   The QWEST dsl is 1500-down, 525-up with a block of static addresses bridged to my workstations.  Nessus scans and vulnerability checks always lock up the DSL service or Modem.   The modem must be rebooted to get back on line.

I also have a personal Roadrunner Cable account and I have no technical problems running the scans with cable, with the PC holding a roadrunner dhcp public address.  (however, it is neccesary to have a reverse lookup record when you do contract security scanning and I have dynamic residential service . .  it is also a violation of the service agreement on a residential account.)

Question:  Is this a specific modem problem or a DSL problem ?    I am not running NAT on the modem because that is a known issue with scans filling up the return path tables.   I am using a Zoom DSL modem that I had sitting around rather than the Actiontec modem that is usually rented from QWEST.  

If the cable modem doesn't have a lockup problem, it makes me believe the specific DSL modem has a problem.   Any tips on how to determine this without replacing the modem ?  

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ok... this is not an answer to your question... maybe a workaround of sorts:

why do you need a connection to run pen tests during off hours?
nessus supports scheduling scans, but additionally you could have a nessus server at work, login to it from home and do the scans (then your work's pipe is doing the scanning)...

but, if it were me... you have the business grade dsl, so call the isp and complain...

ph, also, you could tell nessus to scan more slowly... i forget the exact wording of the setting, but it is obvious in the nessus GUI client.

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swbruce21Author Commented:
My work site is on a shared DSL service so running unnattended or remotely is too risky because that DSL service can be taken down with some with some Nessus scans.

I am trying a Cisco modem at this moment to see if that helps with the lockup problem.
swbruce21Author Commented:
The Cisco 678 solved the lockup problem.
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