i want to change this image

to be look like this image

but not green color i want this color (#6BD6FA
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Here's how to do the bigger land mass as a sepearate entity (then do the smaller one the same way)

Step 1: Remove the orange/yellow circle parts & text that are spilling over into the white background (al-Quds, Qalqulyah, Tulkavm) so that you have the border of the land exactly the way it should look on top of a white background

Step 2: Use magic wand to select this border (click the white outside the border), SHIFT+CTNRL+I to select Inverse,  create a new layer, fill the selected area with the #6BD6FA color ... this should give you the blue landmass on top of your original picture.

Step 3: Double click the new layer, and in layer properties add your drop shadow

Step 4: Hide the new layer and select the original map.  Using magic wand again (and holding shift to add to your selection) all the roadways.  un-hide the new layer, select it, and fill the magic wand area with gray on this new layer

Now you just have to add the circles and text and you're done

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