How to recover .wab files from GetDataBack image.

I recently salvaged a client's system from catastrophic virus corruption using GetDataBack NTFS 3.02. I retrieved all her photos and many text documents. One thing I cannot seem to find is a way to recover her Outlook Express address book. I have a complete NTFS image of her system on a spare HDD. How do I give her back her address book? System is NTFS Win XP Pro with no Service Pack installed.
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A search for *,wab does not find it?
phototropicAuthor Commented:
Apparently not. If I could find it, could I move it from the slaveHDD to the master, and then import it into a fresh installation of Outlook Express. Can I use removable storage? Can I read it as a text file, save it, print it, whatever?
this might seem dumb, but just incase... have you overlooked looking in hidden folders?
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also suggest for them not to user express, might seem easy to setup and use, but when time comes to recover, its harder... as you see first hand, regular outlook is much better, if emails are stored locally, enable corporate mode and it saves everything under 1 file, a .pst file.
Greetings, phototropic !

Address Book .WAB file is a hidden file, so you need to unhide hidden files.  Go to any folder and select Tools > Folders Options > View. Check "Show hidden files and folders". Uncheck "Hide protected operating system files". Click OK.

By default OE stores all your Contacts in a single Windows Address Book (WAB) file of type *.wab. The location of this file depends on which version of Windows you are running, whether Windows User Profiles are being used, as well as the upgrade path you have taken.

To determine the location of your OE WAB file, open the WAB in OE and click Help > About Address Book. (You can do this in the new computer to get an idea where in the old computer the file is kept.  If there is no path shown, that means you have set OE to share the Contacts folder in Outlook and so no *.wab file is used).

Best wishes!
phototropicAuthor Commented:
\The recovered OE installation is a folder on the C: drive. It is empty. Can the *wab files be somewhere else ? C:\Windows? System32? i386?
phototropic, normal location for <username>.wab file is located in Application Data folder.

C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book\

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. . "Apparently not. If I could find it, could I move it from the slaveHDD to the master, and then import it into a fresh installation of Outlook Express. " . .

Yes you can . .

, , "Can I use removable storage?" . .    

Yes you can.

 . . "Can I read it as a text file, save it, print it, whatever? . . ?

You can double click on it and it should open in a new address book . . Once you have it open in Address Book format, you can do anything the Address Book probram will allow . . inlcuding export to a excell spreadsheet
phototropicAuthor Commented:
Many thanks for all your help. The *wab file turned up in another user's account, and that was apparently what the client was looking for.
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