Windows registry and activty tracking methods ?

I was wondering besides a key logger, is there any other methods that people can trace activities on your computer? Does the registry store waht websites and things you've been doing?
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Clearing the history is not enough.  There are many more tracks in your machine of your Internet activities.  There are special cleaners like Window Washer.  Here's a review of them:,1895,1591495,00.asp

The winner was Acronis Expert Privacy Suite
The registry can not store your website but in your browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox, they store the history of what website you browse. You can go to Options and Clear the history as well as the cache, temp files so one can trace back what website u visited
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any other inputs before I close this topic?
Most of the clutter can be cleaned up some freeware stuff, the clutter means;

1. Browse history, cookies, temp files.
2. File open history in most of the applications (Like Word, Excel etc).
3. Other clutter which doesn't have a reference with a program anywhere.
4. Prefetch files.
5. Browser index files

and it goes on and on and on.

I use 3 products (Free) which pretty much keeps my PC clean and neat and erases all information.

1. CCleanup (

2. Cleanup by Steven Gould (Just google it and you'll get the link)

3. Microsoft AntiSpyware cleanup function.

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