Dfs Replication Issue !! Please help

Hello eveybody,

I am new in setting DFS share.

SiteA ( SerA - Data Server , SerB - Terminal server)
SiteB ( SerC - Terminal server)

All run windows 2003.

I shared a folder on SerA and SerC, set up DFS with default topology. I tested with adding files to \\domain.local\dfsshare on SerA and SerC. I see the replicated files and dfs seems to work with these two servers.

On SerB which is the server on same SiteA as SerB, when i do \\domain.local\dfsshare i see old replicated files and moreover if i add or delete some files those are not reflected in SerA or SerC \\domain.local\dfsshare.  
But i can see wel the files added on the physically shared folder on SerA but not on SerC

Active directory replication seems to be taking place okay. Should i need to created a folder in SerB and add them to DFS share ? or is there something i miss to do.

Thanks in anticipation.
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You need to add a folder on SerB to the replica set of SerA and SerC.

shaju_devassyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for reply,

SerB is just a DFS client, so i belive i just need to create a drive mapping so as to see the \\domain.local\dfs share. By this way i can let the terminal server users see what is there is dfsshare.

Maybe my logic is not correct.
From what I read above, you have a root share with 2 links (one to SerA and one to SerC) - these links sound like they are replicas.

If you want SerB to contain a share that is sync'd with the DFS share then SerB will need to be involved in the replica set.

If you simply want to map it, then yes, map a drive to \\domain\share and then you can make it available to the TS clients.


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