Corrupt JPG files Kodak Easy Share How to get these back


well, here goes:

I am servicing a computer for a customer of mine.  Her husband passed away and she wants us to recover the pictures that were in his user account in Windows XP. The problem is that she deleted his account and with it, all of his photos. The main reason that I believe that there is a possibility of recovering the files is that the Kodak Easy Share software still has images of the photo but there are all greyed out in a thumbnail type viewer built into the kodak easy share software. When ever you double click the thumbnail it reverts back to the original file location but gives me an error because the acutal JPG files are no longer there. The version of the software is 5.2. I contacted Kodak but it seems I was talking to a "sript reader" and she didn't know what was going on and said it could not be recovered. I know for sure that the actual photos are gone and the only exsistance is in thumbnail format. I have tried system recovery and we also installed a file recover tool. This tool seems to show the actual pictures that were deleted but they seem to be corrupt. They cannot be opened or recovered to this point. So right now, I have the Kodak software thumbnails and I also have all of the photos that were recovered but are corrupt. Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks

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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Sadly I think that may be all you can recover, the thumbnails are just archived images stored in the Kodak software as links to the originals.  Deleting the user profile on an NTFS drive is trickier to recover from than on FAT32.  It's possible viewable fragments could be recovered using a professional recovery service & certainy you should make no more changes to the drive itself as Windows will use the areas occupied by the deleted files for storage of new data.

The best non-commercial route to recover without damaging things further would be to remove this drive and slave it to another PC running the recover software on the primary drive.

Commercial recovery (if it is possible) will not be cheap and certainly has no guarantees, as ever in these circumstances it will depend on how much your customer values the data.

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Greetings, nellycab !

Try to recover the files with the following programs:

PC Inspector
Active Undelete
Flash Recovery
TestDisk & utilities

Recovery My Files
Restorer 2000
Easy Recovery
Zero Assumption

Best wishes!
dhsindyRetired considering supplemental income.Commented:
Kodak's help files say they store photo's for 12 months or longer depending on if you have a paid account).  See this link for Gallery Archive information:

I haven't used this service but I would say it is your best bet.  Be sure and have your client check all memory cards for pictures before erasing any.
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Ian MeredithCommented:
G'day nellycab,

As you know, when files are deleted from a hard drive the first character of the filename is removed but leaves the file and its contents intact until the area on the hard drive that file was stored gets overwritten with another file.

Avoid installing any undelete application onto the same hard drive partition.

Your best bet would be to remove the hard drive, put it into another PC and run your undelete program from there.

If you have already run an undelete it won't hurt to run it again, you never know, you might just be successful.

Applications to try - Active Undelete,  Diskkeeper Undelete, R-Studio Data Recovery...

If this fails, then you have run out of options.  Appologise to your client.

Ozi Oi. Ian.
If your client is willing to pay for a recovery service there are many available that will be able to recover with 90% plus accuracy for all files providing none have been overwritten.  It is costly though.  We recently recovered approx 40gb of data from a laptop hard drive that had been formated accidently.  It cost $12,000.00 US but we recovered 99% of the data we wanted.  Service company was Ontrack.

Others doing this are

and others too numerous to count.

I assume you are going through the Kodak Easy Share software (which sucks big, floppy donkey <things>)

Plug the camera in, get the software up and running, then minimize the software and open up windows explorer.

Kodak Easy share creates a new removable drive on your computer (e.g. E:\)

You can access this drive directly through windows explorer and COPY the files to a safe location.

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Thanks, war1
can you send me one of the recovered pictures - i'll open up the ole' hex editor and see what's happened
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