maxtor 3200 is not detected

I just purchased the maxtor 3200 personal storage 100gb
It states it is just plug and play.  No such luck.  My system will not detect it.  
What should I do?
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>I spoke with a high end programmer
He would need to write device drivers,not an easy thing to do.
I have a 80GB 3100 that I picked on sale for $49.00.It works just fine on 98.
I would take the 100 back and see if you can find a 3100(supposedly they go to 160GB).
Maxtor's website is very misleading in terms of OS support(you go to the 3200 support page an the links mysteriously turn into 3100).
No wonder Seagate and WD are kicking it's butt.
check your BIOS and select to auto detect the drives
proper connections??
any disc come with it  if so put in the disc and boot the system  if the disc is self bootable that boot from the disc and then run the program on the disc

Hello brantek,

Do you mean it's not detected by the BIOS (it's an external USB device), or that it's not detected when the OS is running?  What OS are you running, and do you have any unknown devices listed in Device Manager?

Steve :)
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brantekAuthor Commented:
the storage did not come with a disc.
when I first connected this I rebooted and it stated it was installing new drivers.  Then it was looking for a driver.   I used a generic for the usb.  I rebooted and still it is not detecting maxtor.  I looked in hardware and it does not show.  there are no question marks.  
brantekAuthor Commented:
Hi sda100,
It is not detected in the device manager.  I am running windows 98se with 512 ram.
Under device manager ---usb controllers it shows the following:
generic usb hub
generic usb hub
usb root hub---this has the mouse on it
via tech 3038 pci to usb universal host controller
brantekAuthor Commented:
hi pgm554,
I tried that the other day after reading sda100 advice.  It did not work.  I called the company and they told me that drivers needed for the 3200 are only compatible with 2000 / XP.  Yet when I went to see about these drivers for 3200 they are not presented.  
Hello again brantek

Is there a chance of getting a refund?  As it looks like you're not going to get it to work if there aren't any drivers for Win98SE - even if it's USB1.1 compatible.  You may also want to upgrade to Windows XP - in the UK, you can get these for around £60 now (for XP Home).  And the other alternative - buy a new computer with XP preinstalled.  I bet you can get something of a similar spec to your current machine for (in the UK), £150?  However, I hope you manage to get a refund instead (or a replacement that will work witn Windows 98... make sure you distinguish if it's SE or not).

brantekAuthor Commented:
Yes there is the option of getting a refund, but that was not my question.  I spoke with a high end programmer and he feels there may be a way around this.  For me to drive all that way again to get the 3100 would out of the question as well since I would need the 3200 for other systems I work on.  Clearly buying a new computer just to have xp would not be a sensible move.  Yes I've considered getting xp and I am currently waiting for it to arrive.  I also have 2000 but with the corruption that is present in my os I did not know if that would be wise.  I have an enormous amount of important information on my hard drive.  My system will not perform backups at all.  I bought this to transfer information and then reformat my hard drive.  the drive itself is fine.  My initial thought was to buy another internal and just swap but with the money I figured it would be wise to get the external that could be used for other purposes as well.  At this point I am waiting for more info.
brantekAuthor Commented:
Hi pgm554--The programmer I spoke with said there is a way to bypass this issue by using an external os.  But after some thought and more research I decided to return this.  This has been yet another learning experience.  What I also learned is that Maxtor is probably limited for a reason.  They probably have something going with Microsoft.  Since they dropped os 98 this is a way to push people into upgrading.  

I certainly agree Maxtor's website is misleading.  This time I will make sure of os coverage.  This one should include mac as well. :o)

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