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"LU1814: Live update could not retrieve the update list" error

Hi all!

I've got a problem with my norton Internet Security 2005.
Everytime when I try to run Live update I get this message: "LU1814: Live update could not retrieve the update list"
I've tried to reinstall and download the latest version of Live update, but with no success.
The information on Symantecs website didn't really help me, can't find the solution to the problem, just the message and what it means.
Please help quick, sinve I haven't got any virusprogram right now.
And btw, it has worked before. it was just one day when I tried to run live update that it didn't work, so I haven't changed anything from the original settings!

1 Solution
Greetings, Raver87 !

Have you seen this article?  Have you check if certain Windows settings are correct?


Make sure that LiveUpdate is not blocked by a firewall
The most common reason for this error message is having a firewall that does not allow LiveUpdate to connect to the Internet.

Pick the type of firewall that you use and follow the instructions:

      Show details for I use Norton Internet Security\Norton Personal FirewallI use Norton Internet Security\Norton Personal Firewall

      Show details for I use a different firewallI use a different firewall

Hide details for What if this did not work?
What if this did not work?
If resetting your firewall did not work, make sure that certain Windows settings are correct.

   1. Click Start > Control Panel or Start > Settings > Control Panel.
   2. In the Control Panel window, double-click Symantec LiveUpdate.
      If you do not see Symantec LiveUpdate, on the left side, first click Switch to Classic View.
   3. On the FTP tab, click I want to use my Internet FTP settings.
   4. On the HTTP tab, click I want to use my Internet HTTP settings.
   5. On the ISP tab, click Internet Options in the Control Panel.
   6. Click Apply > OK.
   7. Run LiveUpdate again.

Best wishes!
Raver87, any update?
What does it mean to be "Always On"?

Is your cloud always on? With an Always On cloud you won't have to worry about downtime for maintenance or software application code updates, ensuring that your bottom line isn't affected.

Raver87Author Commented:
Oups, sry I haven't answerd untill now, my D-link stoped working two days ago.
I'll try this in the weekend since it's not really my computer. It's a friends computer and were going to check this out in the weekend as I wrote before. But as you wrote war1, I guess it is the firewall =)

Raver, keep us updated.
Raver87Author Commented:
I sure will, tomorow I'm going to drive home to him and don't leave untill it works =)
Raver87Author Commented:
Now I know what the problem is =D
When I turn of the firewall (Norman Personal Firewall) I can run the liveupdate.
I found under security -> advanced where to change the "settings" for programs, but when I've changed the settings and click OK
Norman just hangs itself and resets the cahnges that I've made.
I saw that the liveupdate was listed as "Blocked", but as I said when I changed it to accepted the program hangs and resets it to blocked. I've tried to uppdate and reinstall Norman


Norton was blocking itself?  Glad you can get Live Update now.
Raver87Author Commented:
Nha, not Norton, but NORMAN =)
But I uninstalled it, seemed to be something wrong with it =)

The fix to this is very simple... do a find for s32luhl1.dll delete this file (or files if it finds multiple) and run live update again.

This error occurs when this file becomes corrupt. This was given to me by Symantec Platinum support.
Thanks fragnater!! it worked!!!!!!!
This fix for me! Thanks

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