IP change locking up router

It seems like everytime comcast changes my IP address I have to reboot my router, all of a sudden my internet connection will drop. I reboot my linksys and I have a new public IP and then everything is working... any ideas why this is happening. I also have a user this is happening to but they have a DLink router..
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it might not be comcast causing this. it could be the router internally crashing, then when you reboot the router it grabs a new IP. you can check to see the lease time of the dhcp IP by checking in the router status page.. you can verify this is the case by hooking a pc direct to the modem (bypassing the router for a while)... you can also check the ip lease at the dos prompt with IPCONFIG /ALL

if this IS the case, you should replace your router.
I've seen this symptom on a couple of Linksys routers and agree with Craig - don't think it's an IP change.  Just think it's some lockup issue with Linksys routers.  Specifically BEFSR11 and WRT54G's.
before trashing the router try upgrading the firmware.  They are little linux computers and as such are subject to improvments from new software and sometimes the crashing is due to memory leaks, just like a regular computer.
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Carl, have you seen a bios update fix issues like this?

I used to suggest the same, but I have never seen anybody have success by doing so.. have you ?

Focusen, is your MODEM being powercycled at all to get back online? if so it could be the modem or its wiring/connection.
I too have seen firmware upgrades fix a lot of quirks with Dlink and Linksys routers.  Your Linksys router knows when the IP address is going to change according to the lease time assigned by the ISP.  It should request a new address whenever Comcast changes yours.  I've go three suggestions.

1. Do try a firmware upgrade.
2. Purchase a static IP from Comcast.
3. Get a new router.

BTW.  When your router "locks up" can you get to its internal web page?  I so, then it is just not renewing its IP address.  If not, then it is definitely "locking up".

Another BTW, at any time when you load the internal admin page for your Linksys, does all the header graphics load, or do you ever have some empty place holders?  Does the internal page load at yawn speed?  If either then the router is bad, most likely from storm damage/power fluctuation.

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wait a second, Im not talking about fixing bugs. thats the why bios updates are released. Im talking SPECIFICALLY about the router requiring a powercycle to be fixed "temporarily" until the next internal crash requiring a reset.. I have not seen a bios update address this kind of issue, my questions is has anyone seen a bios update address THIS problem?

Manicsquirrel, you are aware of this problem and spoke of it today with me in another thread, when you said you were looking for a 'robust' router.. the low end routers commonly do this crap and are not made for business's who rely on lots of transfer...soho right?

also dhcp requests are renewed at the 50% mark of the lease IF there is no demand for IPs it will be renewed for that time.

>Manicsquirrel, you are aware of this problem and spoke of it today with me in another thread, when you said you were looking for a 'robust' router.. >the low end routers commonly do this crap and are not made for business's who rely on lots of transfer...soho right?

Yes, I totally stand by this statement.

what was the solution ? getting a static IP?
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