Reservation Project

I have this program about Airline Reservation that is due tonight.  I have worked on it about 40 hours already and am completely lost.  I can't get past this part:
There are three arrays
   1) two dimensional array of strings to maintain a seating chart with passengers names.
   2) two dimensional control array to show available seats on the form.
   3) An array for the waiting list.

There are 10 rows with 4 seats in a row.  I cant get the area to update the text boxes (by colors- green if available, red if not).  I am really stuck and need some SERIOUS help, ASAP....
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Can you show what your code looks like now?
As a possible startoff:

just iterate through your passenger list.

if you want to keep it very simple:
first iterate all your controls and color them red
then iterate all items in your seating chard
if you find a passenger on seat, update the control array on that same index

That pretty much covers your issue i guess

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Hello slyfist,
          As your two dimensional arrays for names and availablility count will be same I dont think there will be much problem for you.

Herein you have to follow a good naming convention to do it simpler. I would recommend you to postfix it with numbers as ctrl0101,ctrl0102 etc for controls. and psg0101,psg0102 for passenger array. The first 2 numbers would be x and second two would be y in the two dimensional arrays.

       Now it will be very easy for you to loop through them.

while looping check the availability.I fpresent colour the control with that number to red. else green.  

Or there is one more way set the tag for the control as the name of the passenger. then loop it and colour it.

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