Connecting a cell phone (Motorola Pebl) to synch with outlook contacts

OK, so my friend got a pebl a few days ago, he needs to get his contacts on it so he has all his phone numbers etc.. I have a normal usb wire i am trying to use.. I have tried a few programs and they dont seem to be working, tired using datapilot and mobile phone tools... Thing is, I dont think its recognizing the phone because it is not using the right driver..The light will pop on the phone when i try and add a new phone in those programs, so it defintley sees something is connected  but cant fully connect do to a driver.. Any ideas where i can find a free driver for this phone.. Also looking for a driver for my V 551  motorola phone.. I bought datapilot a few years ago and have the correct wire to connect to that phone, and i defintley have connected to it in the past, but i have formated my computer since then and  have no idea what i did or installed to connect to that phone... If anyone has connected to  apebl using a normal usb wire please give me the steps needed to accomplish this... Thanks in advance...
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PaigePeopleAuthor Commented:
I tried the drivers download there, it came out as an .EXE file, i ran that and it didn't work for me..

USB Data Suite [MA-8870] for Motorola PEBL U6      I will try the bottom driver file when i get home...  The USB Data Suite [MA-6820] for Motorola PEBL U6  version... Hopefully that will work.. I will also try and remove the initial driver... Right now in device manager it is showing a motorola modem under modems... So at least my computer is recognizing the phone... Almost positive its a driver issue.. I will let you know how it goes with that second driver... But, wondering if you have tried any of these downloads... there is a handset manager program and drivers... Wondering what the handset program is all about and if its any good??
PaigePeopleAuthor Commented:
that probably would work, but what i did was i got motorola mobile phone tools on cd.... it works like a charm..... thanks for the help, you get the points!!!!  but to anybody reading this, give that link a try or just buy the motorla software... its not bad, plus you can make ringtones from your own cd's...
sorry i dint update.

u can also look for a lot of non-authorised softwares like p2k, motokit, motmidman, javamagic etc. these softwares come in handy to pimp up your moto. use these with caution and always backup a master copy of your firmware with motokit.
PaigePeopleAuthor Commented:
i now need to flash my PEBL with cingular software... i constanltly see the text message alert icon on the phones screen, even when no messages are on the phone, also, a little phone icon, which represents voicemail alert, also, no voicemail is on the phone, i have checked numerous times... Any ideas??
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