How to have multiple php version in one machine

Our net administrator currently has php 4.1.2 installed. I want to add some contents which require php 4.3+ version. Provide our administrator cannot upgrade for me, how can I have two php version installed in the same machine ***without*** bringing any negative effects to existed websites (they work properly in php 4.1.2).

Our admin told me the include_path of our php.ini is:

include_path = ".;f:\php42\includes;f:\php42\pear"

and php.ini is in C:\WINNT\system32\.

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I think you'll need some help from your admin on this, but you can install PHP 4.3 in a separate folder, and use CGI invocation.  Also, the setup depends on your web server, which you didn't specify.

Install PHP 4.3 in f:\php43
In f:\php43\php.ini, set your include path to ".;f:\php42\includes;f:\php43\pear", etc
Configure the web server's virtual host for your domain name to run .PHP files as CGI scripts using f:\php43\php.exe

If you aren't using virtual hosts, then you'll have to name your scripts something else (like .PHP43), and use CGI based on that extension.  I don't recommend this as you will have a hard time hosting on other servers, which surely won't know about the .PHP43 extension.

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