QuarkXpress times out printing to PDF file.

O.K. here goes.
I have one Mac G5 computer running in a networked environment. (with 2 other Macs)
The 2 main apps it runs is QuarkXpress 6.5 and Extensis Font Suitcase.
There are quite a few fonts running and usually loaded on the machine. (over 1,000)
I know that is an ongoing issue, but it is the nature of the work of this machine.
We run font Doctor, and Font Finegler, periodically, to clean and purge the cache and any corrupt font.

We have a need to generate PDF files directly from Quark, but recently the program "times out" when trying to create the PDF, or it will simply quit the program saying "the program quit expectedly".  Earlier it was saying. "PostScript driver has not responded for 60 seconds..."  but now, it is simply "quitting" Quark.
Previously, an occassional reinstall of the program might correct the problem, but I've tried that 2 times, with no success.

My designers aren't really "hands on" when it comes to tweaking their own machines, so if there is a font management program that would help us manage this problem, that might work best, but I'm open to any suggestions.
James PowellData Analyst / Online Retail DevelopmentAsked:
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See if you have a Quark extension called "Blend Fixer 6 XT.xnt". If so, see if removing it solves the problem. That extension has been reported elsewhere to cause printing problems.
There are a number of ways to create a PDF out of Quark - which one are you using (and have you tried one of the other methods);

1. Quark's built-in "Export to PDF"
2. Print Dialog Box "Save as PDF" button
3. Printer driver's Output Options -> Save As File -> Format PDF
4. Printer dirver's Output Options -> Save As File -> Format Postscript -> Acrobat Distiller
5. Adobe Acrobat selected as the 'printer'

Personally I think option 4 is the best, since the others produce bloated files and seem to go haywire on colours and page layout depending on the printer selected.


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Difficult to know whether the comments did indeed solve the problem, since the poster never returned. Since we'll never know which method they originally used for creating the PDF, it's also unknown whether trying another of the suggested methods worked for them.

James PowellData Analyst / Online Retail DevelopmentAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the answer.

It seems the problem was exacerbated by the designers not fully closing out each job, and the subsequent fonts.
They claimed they were aware of the various methods for generating the PDF's, but somehow, that wasn't a

Currently the work around they are using is:

Quark> save as eps>auto generate pdf through Acrobat or Distiller.



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