2 Nics, 1 LAN 1 Internet

Been a long time since Ive been here, but maybe someone can hlep me out.

I have 2 network cards,

1 has a ip of, subnet of
2 has a ip of subnet of

now I want to make the 2nd one the one that accepts HTTP connections. the first one has a lan connection to our SQL server, mail server... etc..etc... but the 2nd one has the http ip.

Both are hooked up to seperate PIX 515e fireawalls. and the problem with haveing them on the same network card is that the IP' are in total different lands, first set are 72's and the others are 145's


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It really depends on how big your internal network is.  Only one card should have a gateway, and the other should not. (blank).  Then all traffic that is not on the local subnets will be sent to the gateway unless it has a specific route.  This means that you could create routes for all your internal LAN traffic that uses the next hop on the as the gateway.  But the 2nd NIC would be the one with the "default gateway".  This way all your internal traffic would be routed over the 1st NIC and all other traffic would be routed over the 2nd.

You create static routes by using the ROUTE command.  add the "-p" for to make the routes permanent.  Although managing static routes is not recommended on the client machine, sometimes it is nescessary.

Alternatively, you could join the two networks PIXs with a router.  Then you could plug the client into a 3rd router interface or a switch that has one of the router interfaces and PIXs attached to it.  This way the router can be used to route the information.

It all really depends on how scalable you would like this solution.  Is it just for one machine or are you planning on doing it for more than that?
I see what you're trying, but don't think that would work. Problem would be when the server tries to communicate with any clients... you could be in for some pretty ugly surprises. However, that *might* have a shot at working if you were using virtual machines via products like VMware or Virtual PC, but I don't remember anymore about that.
B_DorseyAuthor Commented:

Ive been stuck on this stupid problem for like 4 weeks now.... it was hit or miss for me, i would enable one, disable the other and sometimes it would work, and hoped we didnt need to reset...lol

Wow you are my most favorite person in the whole WORLD....



hey no problem!   Glad to hear you got it working ok!  Thanks for all your kind words!  =)

Just make sure you don't have any local subnets outside the range 113.x.x.x that you want routed through NIC1.  
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