Raid missing in device manager + Dual boot OS

I just set up a new Intel motherboard with a Pentium D processor.
I'm not a computer genius by no means..

I currently have both XP 32bit and XP 64bit up and running but in device manager I have several yellow question marks/exclamation points.
When I installed XP home on the IDE drive, I didn't use the F6 floppy, but I did when I installed XP 64 on the SATA.

Currently on the 32 bit in Device Manager it shows,  

?Other devices
    ?Raid Controller
    ?Unknown device

SCSI and Raid Controllers
     ?Raid Controller
Currently on the 64 bit,

?Other devices
    ?Raid Controller
    ?Unknown device  (If I click on properties then location, it shows Intel 82801 GH)

SCSI and Raid Controllers
    Intel 82801 GR/GH Sata Raid Controller (This is okay, so I have no clue as to what is wrong up above)

I could understand the XP 32 bit being wrong because I didn't use the F6 floppy for the Intel motherboard, but I can't understand why the 64 bit is showing these yellow question marks. Should I have drivers from Seagate?  Is that what I'm missing?

Should I have also used the Raid floppy when I loaded the Windows XP home 32 bit?

Thanks for any help!
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hayley3Author Commented:
Yes, I got it off of the Intel site.
However, I didn't load it for the XP 32 bit.  (I'm a bit too focused on the XP 64) :-)
Just went and did it.  I had already loaded the graphics drivers so I don't know if that would affect it or not, but it didn't change a thing.
hayley3Author Commented:
I went back and reinstalled XP home 32 bit with the F6 floppy, and now device manager is identical to XP 64. The SCSI and Raid Controller no longer shows a yellow ?.
All help still appreciated!
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hayley3Author Commented:
Okay, I found another file on Intel's website and installed it and it got rid of the Raid problem altogether!  Yay!
Now I still have the Unknown device.  I think it is a separate F6 disk which is for the 1.5 Gbs controllers. I'm hoping anyway.   So I guess I have to start all over again, so I can put in the other disk at the prompt.  Whew!  Hope it works!
hayley3Author Commented:
Unknown device is Intel's Quick Resume Technology and either needs drivers or needs to be disabled in the bios.
At least I found it.
Something is not right about Unknown Device. I think you should have motherboard CD driver install first, then update thru motherboard vendor (Intel). I belive that the unknow device is a hardware in your system and it is still need a driver to it. If your motherboard is stll returnable or exchange ... give a try see if new motherboard helps to disappear yellows in device manager. I did like that on mine before and it works ! :)

By the way, 64 bits is still very new technologies, and not all of hardware is covered by windows OS.

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