Send data to my pc


Is there a way to send data from my pc to my pc ?

I need to maximize the inbound traffic for some seconds.
Something like ping but with bigger packets so i can maximize the inbound traffic for some seconds...

Thanks in advance.
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TheRealLokiSenior DeveloperCommented:
You can ping with a packet size
ping somemachine -l 10000 -t
will send 10,000 bytes in each packet
-l size
-t ping until stopped
Sure. If you want to build up traffic for a length of time,
you can simply set up one of the pc's as a webserver or ftp server,
then login to the server and download a file(in ftp for example).

All you need is to use the delphi NMFTP component to create the server,
and you can login with a browser from the other PC.

If you need constant congestion you can set up two programs. 1 a TCPServer, and the Other a TCPClient. then read a long string in an endless loop and send it from the server to the client.

CodedKAuthor Commented:
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