HowTo Unzip Folder on Server

I want to know if it is possible to unzip a folder uploaded to my server.  I have a virtual dedicated server on Godaddy  using plesk on linux  . Trying to figure this out tonight. Thanks guys...

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Have you emailed Godaddy to see what they support?   You might check out if they have that installed


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Programmatically there are lot of options. Which technology your server is supporting.

Java/Servlets has
.NET can still use by referencing Microsoft Visual J# dll (vjslib.dll) or ICSharpCode SharpZipLib

PHP > (as coreybryant suggested)

Do you have access to a shell account?  

Generally, you could use:

gunzip filename

from the command line.
berkleycapAuthor Commented:
Thats the problem... I dont have shell access. I just ran an info.php and found out I have the ZLib supported.  So I guess not as much an issue as I thought. Thanks guys for bearing with me. I'm new to all the hosting and programming side,  I use to just do the frontend design now I'm trying to expand my knowledge.
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