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I have Sonicwall Pro 3060 Unit. I was just wondering, I'm looking at switches now, and not sure wheather i need managed or unmanaged. Simply because Sonicwall its self comes with a lot of features. My nerwork is simple, I'll have on one of Sonicwall Nodes, a gig switch, where I'll have my DC/Exchange server and it will uplink to another 24 port switch where I will have DC clients for one OU, and the main switch will also uplink to another switch for another OU, but they will be under same subnet, I'll just control it from Sonicwall, who has access where. So do i need managed or unmanaged switches, and for my budget I'm looking at the following switches:

Recomindations please!!!
500 Poiints! Thanks
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Since this is for a business, don't buy a cheap switch to save a few dollars, unless you don't mind downtime when the finance department is doing payroll!  If you never plan on implementing features such as VLANs, QoS, etc then go with unmanaged switches.
  If Cisco Catalyst 500 series (managed) switches are out of your budget, I'd go with unmanaged switches from the following makers (more preferred brands first):  HP, 3Com, SMC, tie between Netgear & Linksys.  D-links haven't shown themselves to be very reliable with clients of mine, so I'd avoid them.
  You can justify higher-cost switches to management, if you approach it this way: 1) the switches are at the heart of the network - if they're down, nobody is going to do *any* work, no email, no access to the file server/DC, nothing.  2) Good switches are a long-term investment - they should last for years & years (especially if you put them on surge protectors, or even better: UPS units).

Don't skimp.  I've seen cheap hubs that had to be power-cycled after a power failure (gotta love that), and I have a much better unit that's showing an uptime of 675 days.

You WILL want VLANs.  You WILL want QoS.  Trust me.  Trust the rest of us.

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intellie_exAuthor Commented:
So a managed switch. Can u please tell me in some detail what a managed switch is, in simple terms
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A managed switch gives you the ability to measure what the switch is doing (CPU usage, bandwidth measurements) and control what it does (establish VLANs, adjust QoS behaviors, in some cases filter and/or route traffic depending on the switch capabilities), often through a console port, telnet, web, and/or SNMP.

An unmanaged switch doesn't.  It just forwards packets.  We hope.  The first time you want to troubleshoot a network problem, you'll wish every unmanaged switch had disappeared from your network.
intellie_exAuthor Commented:
k, but tell me, the sonicwall units, what do they classify as?

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