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I have a Contacts table. Related to it I have an Address table as well as three other tables which use Portals. One of the Portals is called Work History. I want your "address" entered automatically to the Work History Portal as well as the mailing envelope. An example:

Contacts Table

I enter your name in the the first two fields.

Addresses Table (Portal)

Next I enter your address for when you are in Connecticut
Next I enter your address for when you are in Florida

Work History (Portal)

Here is where I enter the support work that I peformed for you. If you called from Florida I want the State field for Florida entered (FL); if you called from Connecticut I want the state field for Conecticut entered (CT).

I have marked the address row in the portal with a flag field. How do I tell FileMaker to use the state field from the row marked with an "X" for the state field in the work history?

The information will be used when I print your envelope - use the address of the Portal row that has the "X".

Thanking you in advance,

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define database/relationships/ second icon from the left.
should be:
work_history::globalmark <> address::mark
work_history::contactID <> address:contactID
then you'll be able to get the adress from the marked address line into the work history layout, or copy it to a work history field if you need to keep it separate from the address table (can use in this case, a looked up value)
you need a relationship in between the work history and the address tables.
and this relationship should be based on contactID field AND the flag field. This assumes you have a global field filled with "X" in the work history table too, to link it to the address table.
BurtonCohenAuthor Commented:
Maybe I am missing something.

When I create the "X" global field in the Address table and then add it to my address portal, when selected it marks ALL rows with an "X" not just the row I wish to designate as the "billable/ mailing" address.

I have not yet created the additional table occurrence.

What am I doing wrong?


no, the global X must in work history.
in the address table, this is regular field, not a global one
BurtonCohenAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the fast response.

I am dumb. I have created the global field in work history.

Where / how do I create the relation? Table Occurrence? Value List?

Remember I want the field in history to be filled with  the address that has an"X".

Thanks again,

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