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I have a music track in an swf file that's called upon to play by the site's main swf upon entering my site.  The site contains a couple of getURL("","_blank"); links that cause off-site pages, with their own music tracks, to open in new windows.  (I have no access to the scripting of these other sites.)  Upon opening such a new window, the new Web site's music track starts, and my site's track stops.

I don't need to know the method at this time, but might it be possible to cause my site's music track to start playing again upon closing the new site's popup window, thus returing focus to my site's window?
Jonathan GreenbergAsked:
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Yes - but it will be tricky, as you will have to use javascript.

The general technique (not specific so dont worry), would be to store a reference to the popup windows you open - and then periodicaly check they are still open.  If they are closed, your javascript can send a message to your flash movie to tell it to play its tune again.

You can excpet to encounter some issues getting this to work with all browsers though

Jonathan GreenbergAuthor Commented:
Thank you, pete.  Now that I know it can be done, are you able to provide some JavaScript (even a rough example would suffice) that would do this?  (Please be assured that, whether you are able or not, I will still award the points for answering.)
its basicaly this.

set a timer to check periodicaly

check your windows still open

if it is not then tell flash

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