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I've installed an FTP client on my windows 2003 server that has the option of backing up data to an ftp site. I've also created a vpn connection between the two sites (server and ftp site).

The ftp site is an xp box set up at an offsite location and is acting as the vpn server using pptp, Server 2003 is acting as the client. I backup data from the Windows 2003 server to an external hard drive attached to the server then it automatically uploads the data from the external hard drive to the ftp site (leaving a copy on the external hard drive).

My question is, once I initiate the vpn connection from the server to the ftp site, then ftp the data - this means that the data is going over the secure vpn tunnel, correct? Also, is there a way to start the VPN session automatically at a specific time, say using a script or something. My goal is to have a secure backup strategy for my Web Server. Thanks!
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If the traffic is going via VPN, then yes, it inherits security of VPN connection. If VPN is encrypting the traffic (verify in pptp interface properties), then all the data is secure when it travells over the public network.

You can create a Dial on Demand interface on Windows 2003 server, which will initiate the connection when ftp is initiated, and by setting up idle time, will kill the connection when not in use. FTP you can setup in a script using ftp -ivn -s:scriptfile.
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Thanks naveedb!  
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