Folder Redirection in Server 2003

Hi Everyone,

I posted a previous article ( about roaming profiles and how to implemet them, but was confused when wanting to take one of the author's advice on redirecting user folders. Currently, for a while, I have been redirecting the my doccuments folder without any issue. Now, when I go back to enable the rest of them, I create shares on the server corresponding to each of them so: under main share "redirections", I have three sub folders: Start menu, Application Data, and Desktop. In the GPO settings, Application Data is set to "basic" configuration where it creates a folder of the user name under the root, which is \\server02\redirections\application data\. Ditto with desktop. Now whith start menu, it just says"redirect everyone's folder to the same location" and "this folder will be redirected to the specified location", which is \\server02\redirections\start menu\, but there is no option to create a folder of the user name under the root path. Still, for everyone of these GPO settings (Application Data, Start Menu, and Desktop) are set to redirect the user's data to the redirections folder, and then the appropriate sub folder. Now, for the problem. Even after numerous login, Ins and Log Outs, none of the data appears on the server, and when travelling to another computer, the desktop picture changes, the start menu is not the same, etc. What am I doing wrong?

-Thanks, Max

P.S. I am using Faronics Deep Freeze in our network, however, My Doccuments reirection has worked for months even with deep freeze enabled.
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Hi Maxwellb,

There is a article tutorial here on implementing roaming profiles & discuss the advantages and the common pitfalls associated with it.
Profile and Folder Redirection In Windows Server 2003

Hope this could help you...
MaxwellbAuthor Commented:

Is there any way to redirect a user's application data etc. without using roaming profiles?
MaxwellbAuthor Commented:

Ok. I got everything set up, save one tiny problem. (By the way, the reason it wasn't working in the first place was NTFS steeings, "everyone" didn't have write control) I have profiles set up for every user, and am redirecting the My Doccuments and Desktop fodlers (should I be redirecting app data and start menu?). The only glitch is that the desktop wallpaper isn't being included in the profile. I change the background on one machine, log off, then log on on another machine and the bacground is plain blue. When I right  click on the desktop though, and go to the "desktop" tab, the background that I set on the other machine is selected, except it did not apply. For example, in that properties window on computer 2, if I hit apply, the background I set on the other computer would apply. Anyone have any ideas?

-Thanks, Max
MaxwellbAuthor Commented:
It really was the NTFS settings that were the problem. However, I am still having the problem with the desktop picture, so I believe I will open a new question for that problem. Thanks for the link!
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