Partition existing C and create one other partition.

I currently have my OS and all software apps etc installed on my C drive. My HDD is 200GB.. My backup drive (which I use ghost to image my entire drive) is ONLY 80GB .. Basically, I would like to break 70GB off of my 200GB HDD, so that I can image the C drive in full to my backup ..

Basically, I want to partition my C drive, and then create a 2nd partition w/ the remaing space.

I have done this a long time ago, but wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions on how I should do my partition .. I don't want to lose any data on my C .

Thanks in advance
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Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
Better to use Partition Magic.

BR Dushan
Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:

I would also suggest using Partition Magic too.

Get the software installed. Launch the software, the wizard will ask you to create a recovery disk for it .
For my case I skip becuase I have been quite used to the software.
Note: Reboot is needed for the installation.

To do partitioning,  right click on C Drive in your MY Computer.
Select Partition Magic ...

In the PartionMagic Windows you should see your graphical 200Gb Harddisk just as in Disk management console.
You can Right Click on it and select Resize or Move

This will bring up the Resize/Move Partition Screen where you see 2 handles at both ends.

You can click the end of the handle and move the partition size to the amount you want.
Eg if you want 80Gb to be the new C Drive size, just move it till the box New Size shows
Click Ok

Backto the main you should see the C Partition size is now at 80Gb. You can either go ahead to Apply Now to start the partitioning
If I not wrong, this shrinking of partition does not require reboot and will repartition the C drive to 80Gb on the spot. Once done, you can decide how you want to partition the rest. Right Click on the Unallocatted space and Click Create and select how you want to Create the new Partition as Primary or Logical drive and the the Size for it. Normally, I used Primary for my case. You can have up to 4 Primary Partitions.

NOTE: Do a Backup before proceeding or you can test drive on another test machine first.


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w3developingAuthor Commented:
Hi imacgouf,
That's just what I needed to hear. Thanks for the quick breakdown. I just purchased PM based on  Dushan911's comment, but it will be a few days till it arrives, so Ill be using your instruct alongside the manual .. thanks for the help :)
w3developingAuthor Commented:
Now I need to ask:

Basically PM determines the files, so that nothing will be deleted .. Let's say I have 30GB used on my C (including all of my dirs etc) .. and I set partion on C to 70GB, none of the 30GB data will be lost and I will now have 40GB free space on my C - with good hopes of course?
A Scenario:
Just in case you have used more than 80Gb
You should resize the C Drive to 90Gb to give some allowance and
Then create the remaining Partition eg 110Gb (normally it won't be this size and lowers size eg 106Gb etc)
Once done, transfer any big download files over to the new partition eg your Images, Music etc till you have enough space for C: to shrink. Keep in mind that it best to keep C Drive free with more space.

You can relaunch Partitionmagic again to resize C:  once more to the size you want eg to 80Gb.
If you do that you will see an unallocatted space in the middle. Now right click on the Other partition (106Gb ) and Right Click Resize/Move and move the whole data portion by left click on any part within the 2 handles to the front.
Once done, the Data portion is in the front, you can proceed to pull the end handle to fill up the remaing unallocatted space.

Click Apply to the changes.

Hi w3developing,

Yes, it is exactly what you have mentioned. The 30Gb data will be still there and the remaining will be 40Gb ( it won't display 40Gb but a lesser amount such as 38Gb or 39Gb due to partitioning information.

Best. Thanks.

w3developingAuthor Commented:
Hmmm.. I see you have use this app a many a times .. Thanks for the scenario .. See I use Ghost to Image my main server once a week, and with my new 200GB HDD I am stuck w/ a problem because my external backup drive is only 80GB, in addition an image of 200GB takes about 3-4 days because I believe ghost runs the entire disk! .. and the Image is the FULL drive, so you probably see my issue here. I ONLY use about 30GB on my server, so I have room, but I just need to partition .. AT least I think I know what I am doing :)
just maintain a max 90% space in use.
If you want to resize to 70 GB, make sure the data on the drive is not more than 90% of that, so 62 GB of data should be the limit. (to be safe, 60 GB)
It's not mandatory, but a defragmentation before you start isn't a bad idea.
Try to minimize the number of jobs in PM. Always run a full disk-check afterwards,
If you create two primary partitions, you will not see the second primary partition when you've booted from the first. For this, generate the partition as extended & logical.

what version have you purchased? Symantec Norton, or Powerquest ?

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