Can Crystal Reports v8.5 and v10 co-exist on one machine?

I'm hoping someone can answer the mysterious question of wether or not Crystal Reports 8.5 and 10 can co-exist on one pc?
I have a CRM package that requires 8.5 and some new Accounting software that requires version 10 of crystal. When I installed the new accting software it installed with it version 10, and now when I run my CRM software, none of the reports open as it requires 8.5.

If it is possible to have both versions run on one machine, is there a specific way I would install the two versions in order for it to actually work?

Thanks a million in advance.
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This is supposed to be possible.
As of CR9 and later (also later builds of 8.5) Crystal introduced side by side installations.
This basically means that you can have different versions on one PC. It does this by storing the dll's in their own separate directory.
This directory is specified by a registry key.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Crystal Decisions\10.0\Crystal Reports]
The key is "CommonFiles". This specifies the path to the separated dll's.

Does this key exist on your PC?
If so, what is the path?
Thinking that you may also be better to install the 10 version first, then the 8.5.

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Ken TurnerCommented:
I know it doesn't answer your question, but I've got CR8.0 and CR9.0 happily co-existing on my machine.
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I am running 8.5, 9, 10, and XI all on the same machine without any issues.
You just need to be careful that you don't open and save any reports in 10 that were built in 8.5 because you will never be able to open it up in 8.5 again.
Also, if you are in the habit of double clicking on reports in windows explorer and launching Crystal that way, the last version of Crystal that was installed will be the version that Windows launches.
Kurt ReinhardtSr. Business Intelligence Consultant/ArchitectCommented:
To mirror what some of the other experts have stated, yes it is possible for them to Coexist - for one client, I have CR8.5 and XI loaded on a laptop.  For another client, I have 8.5, 10 and XI.

There are some minor caveats, however.  For example, even though the different versions install into their own subdirectories, there are still some features that share common .dlls.  Charts, for example.  I've run into issues where I have a chart report created in 8.5, but after installing 9 I can no longer open the 8.5 report.  This is due to the .dlls being shared, but being incompatible.  There are workarounds to this issue, according to a Business Objects KB article, but I could never get the workaround to actually work, but I was using a special OEM version of CR9 for Microsoft CRM 1.2.

Kurt ReinhardtSr. Business Intelligence Consultant/ArchitectCommented:
FYI, I decided to run my CRM version in a VirtualPC session on my laptop.  This simplified matters significantly.  So, my current environment is:

CR8.5 Pro - Windows
CR9 Dev - Microsoft CRM 1.2 Enhanced Editi - VirtualPC/Windows
CRXI Pro - Windows

mel150Author Commented:
Thanks for all the response. I will start from the first response and work down, so to answer Rick J, the path is C:\Program Files\Common Files\Crystal Decisions\2.5\Bin. I see on my pc, there are also registry entries for v10, v8.5 and v9.0, but the only entry that lists "Common Files" is v10.
Not sure if this is important or not, but I should also mention that besides v10 that I did install, the other versions including 8.5 are all "viewers". They were all installed along with other sotware (CRM and Accting). These were not full installations of Crystal, until v10.

mel150Author Commented:
Thanks, I installed a full version of 8.5 after 10 and my reports run again...good to know.

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