TEAC CD-W224E drive (a CD-RW drive in a Dell Optiplex GX280) won't recognise an Imation 1x-52x CD-R

I cannot seem to get this type of CD-R to recognise in this drive. Initially I also tried a 1x-4x CD-RW and this would not be recognised. It said something alongs the lines of  'Please insert a CD into the drive'.
I thought that it was because the CD-RW was too slow for the CD drive. I then tried a 1x-24x CD-R in the drive and managed to write to it perfectly.
Then the user purchased the 1x-52x Imation CD-R's and now I have the same problem of it not recognising ... 'Please insert a CD into the drive'

Can you please give me some insight. Is the disc now too fast for the drive???

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Unfortunately some drives are more picky about blank media, than others are.

It could be because of the color of the disks, the way they are made, or several other factors.

I will see if I can find my link to the info, unless someone else post it first. Or you could do some Googling for it.
Here's the info on your drive. The specs are in there.

With CD-RW the 1x-4x media is not compatible with faster drives.

With CD-R the disc's speed should not be an issue as long as you don't try to burn anything faster than the drive's or the media's max speed. - I usually burn at 1/2 to 3/4 of the most limiting max speed for stability/reliability.

Think about it. The Imation disc's are *1x* to 52x.

The most likely problems are:
That drive simply doesn't like Imation media.
Bad batch of media.
If the drive is removable there may be a bad connection in the chassis. (Remove and re-install it usually fixes that.)
User is using the burning program wrong.
The burning program doesn't like that drive.
The CD is not actually blank when the program is ready for a blank.

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BarfootsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help. Will be trying other media and other options you suggested. Cheers
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