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program that can print barcode form excel or text file

Please suggest program that can print barcode form excel or text file
4 Solutions
Ussualy you do not need extra aplication to print barcodes,

for barcoder from family 3of9, 128 you can use BARCODE font.
but for Interleaved barcodes(EAN, 2of 5 you have to use extra aplication)


This site there is a complete details on Barcoding from history to ....
Using Barcodes With Other Programs And On The Internet

Can Word, Access, Excel, or Clipper be used for an application where bar codes can be scanned and printed?

Yes. It's pretty easy. You need to get a scanner that has a "keyboard wedge interface" and a built-in decoder or a "software wedge" and a scanner with serial output. A wedge interface works like a really fast typist on a keyboard so it's easy to connect and use. Some wedge readers are programmable, so that after the scan, a "return" or tab will be produced to move the cursor to the next field
To print barcodes you can use just a TT font. There is some problems with TTF barcode printing. The fonts may not print properly for very small or very large point sizes. If you want to print a barcode in a report or document (from Word or Access for example), the easiest True Type barcode font to use is Code 39. You have to pre-pend and post-pend the "*" to the data you want to print as barcode and then just change the font to Code 39. You can also do this for printing labels from Word. You can find free and shareware barcode TT fonts here.

If you need to print using Access 2000, try "*" & [FieldNameWithValue] & "*". If you need to print using Clarion, the format is loc:barcode='*'&left(clip(KAT:ID_NUMBER))&'*'.

A better solution for print labels, is a stand alone program to print the labels. Many of these programs can connect to Access via ODBC and will let you print labels from a database. For example you can list all the parts that you have in a database and have the label program pull the part numbers from Access and print them on a label printer rather than typing them by hand each time you want to print. You can find free and shareware stand alone programs here.

The above is just part of the article... Hope you find it useful
We use bartender from Seagull Scientific.  Good connectivity options, and licensing for multiple printers, etc.
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