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I am in a strange situation. I had Sony DCR720 camcorder and was using it for a long time. I have many 8mm cassettes of video that I created using this camcorder. Now, I no longer have the camcorder as I gifted it to someone in the house and they moved. That is, I am having my 8mm cassettes now, but forgot to port it to PC while I was having the camcorder.

Without a camcorder, how can I use these 8mm cassettes and port the video PC and create DVD formats. I heard circuit city has  device that lets you do it..but I could not find it. I dont want spend much, but I would like to know what are my options to port the cassette contents to PC? Please suggest if there are any devices and if yes, please include details of it.

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Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
You can put this cassette to another cam cord and can read. Then you can copy to PC and can create DVD.
Or you can give your cassette to video cernter and ask from them to create a DVD.
But if you really needs to convert this from your self you should buy a good video capture card.

BR Dushan
Unfortunately there are no adapters to convert 8mm tapes to vhs so that you can play in your vcr.  So you would have to get another camcorder that can play 8mm tapes and then capture the video to your pc.  If its digital then capturing on pc is easy, for analog video you should get some external analog video capture device.  I recommend the canopus advc-100 or advc-110.  I have the canopus advc-100 and am very happy with it.
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