Halt on loadup in BIOS - CPU is unworkable or has been changed - check softmenu

When i start to load up my computer, in the first load up screen, that has a black background and white writing. it talks about things like the IDE drives, my hard drive and such.
But it gets stuck on load up when it displays the message: "CPU is unworkable or has been changed - check softmenu"
then below this message it has 2 commands, "Press F1 to continue" or "del to enter setup"

if i press F1 the computer loads up perfectly and everything seems fine, in fact, im entering this enquiry on the same computer.

but when i go into Setup, and into the Soft Menu, everything seems perfectly fine... the power levels seem fine, everything there is automatically chosen by the computer, and i haven't even been in this menu before. so i can't have changed anything.

when i first got this message i was installing my new 7800GS, it didn't work because my PSU isn't strong enough, so im getting a new one. because the new graphics card didnt work i pulled it out and put my old one back in.
then i got this load up problem. i didnt move anything on the motherboard or anything stupid.

does anyone know of something i can do, try or that i may have inadvertantly knocked, and should check.

My motherboard is "ABit IS7/IS7-G/IS7-E"
and i have an "Intel Pentium 4 2.80GHz"
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go into the bios and reset defaults and restart and see if the error comes back.
check if the cpu is well seated. you may have knocked it loose
Might be a failing CMOS battery. Try changing it.
Also; do some minor change in BIOS setup, like setting the clock + or - one minute, SAVE changes and exit. See if the problem is still there.
Absolutely this is omething about your BIOS not saving the changes.

Load defaults on BIOS, check if your CPU is not overclocked on bios, and if it fails just change the CMOS battery. (A lithium battery on the mainboard, just like the one's on watches) probably CR2016 or 2032.

w33nieAuthor Commented:
resetting default BIOS worked, thanks

wish i could accept all 3 BIOS answers, but ill just select the first answer
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