3Com Wireless PCI 11 a/b/g freezing up Windows XP

Good morning all.
I have tried for a good 36 hours to install 3 wireless PCI cards from 3Com into some computers in the widest range of options and available resources and whenever they are installed, they make Windows XP Home lock up - either at random intervals or just as the card is installed into the system.
However, when i installed this card on a WinXP Pro SP2 machine (Cel 2.66GHz - 775, ASRock 775VM800, 256 DDR @ 266), not only did it not lock up, it is running perfect.

System Specs:
QDI Advance 6T-L
Cel @ 1.2GHz
40GB Western Digital
Win XP Home

System tested with following settings :
3Com Lan Manager (With and Without)
Service Packs 1, 1a and 2 as well as without a SP installed
Onboard LAN/Audio disabled/enabled
Used on all 3 PCI slots
IRQ settings changed/forced

The worst part about it is that, when in safe-mode with networking, they work flawlessly. As soon as i boot up Windows normally, the PC locks up.

Anyone have a solution that i haven't seen yet ?


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Wonder you have already try the latest setup software.

Download the latest software from 3Com

3CRDAG675    12 Aug 2005   19.70 MB  
New version of installation files with driver for the 3CRDAG675, 11 a/b/g Wireless PCI Card . This is a self-extracting file that will extract the installation files and driver to a location on your hard drive (default C:\3com). Includes 11 a/b/g Wireless PCI Card Driver and 3Com Wireless Utility for 3CRDAG675.  
AlexD_GrAuthor Commented:
Yep - installed the latest drivers too - my fault, forgot to mention that.

Also updated the firmware of the USR router that i bought at the same time, in case that was the problem.. nothing.
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AlexD_GrAuthor Commented:
Also mentioned that i spent 45 minutes on the phone to 3Com in England to try and solve the problem - their help was to install sp1a and try disabling the soundcard and onboard lan.
Alex - In the HARDWARE section of your Wireless PCI, reduce the tx/rx rates to 10Mbps/ half-duplex .  This has worked flawlessly in the order PC's .
AlexD_GrAuthor Commented:
Ok just to let people know - this was indeed a hardware fault. The cards would not work with a SD-RAM-based PC and, as soon as i upgraded the pcs to something more modern, they worked flawlessly.

Thanks for the replies and help - this was solved a different way
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