How to deploy web app so that it can be access through the internet?

i wanted to deploy my jsp application so that it can be access by the outside world. i am using tomcat as our webserver in development.
i have granted permission from my manager to test on our 'public server' that currently running a asp application on IIS.
my question:
-can one server run both IIS and tomcat together?
-what should i do/ how to configure my web app so that it can run on the public server using
  a. IIS?
  b. tomcat?
-where can i get the documentation in doing it? all i have is the tutorial showing me how to access to localhost only..
-to access the current asp application, we supply url like this(eg):, so can i configure it so that to access the jsp, the url will be sth like
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JAVAnewbieAuthor Commented:
sounds like it helps, but i need a working example... i just afraid that i will mess up with our server if it is not being done properly... :>
Im afraid your asking us to write a book here for 200 points.

1st question - yes, IIS and tomcat can exist on the same server for public access, but they will have to have different ports. i.e. only one of them can run on port 80 which is the standard HTTP port.

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JAVAnewbieAuthor Commented:
>>Im afraid your asking us to write a book here for 200 points.

but you at least might be able to point me to the right direction?
-where can i get the documentation in doing it? all i have is the tutorial showing me how to access to localhost only..
OK, first question yes, they can co-exist. But as I said, they would have to be on different ports. I have a windows machine setup with 2 public IP addresses. IIS listens on one and JBoss (which has tomcat internally) on tghe other. With this method, they can both run on the same port (80, the default for HTTP requests). If you didnt have 2 IP addresses, you'd have to put them both on different ports.

For running a public siste on IIS, you shouldnt have todo anyu configuration work. If youve already got it running website, then its already configured correctly - simply drop your HTML/ASP pages into thre relavant site directoty to make it live.

For Tomcat, there is a bot more work involved in the setup. You can find the info you're looking for here:

As far as launching an application into tomcat is concerned, it doesnt matter whether its public or private, youll launch your app in the same way - this will most commonly be by packaging your web app into a deployable file (a WAR for instance) and putting it into the correct directory on your Tomcat istallation.

As I said in my post above, there are a lot of questions you are asking here, how to setup a live web server, how to launch an application to Tomcat.

I hope this points you in the right dorection though.


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JAVAnewbieAuthor Commented:
hmm.. guess that's good enough to get me started ;-)
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