How to set the network connection using linux with 2 redundant

We currently have a complex application that we host ourselves. This application is hosted on our own server and is accessible on the Internet via a domain name.

What we want to do is to have 2 fully redundant ADSL connections to the server. So if one ISP fails the other connection will pick up and continue. The end result we are trying to achieve is an always-on Internet connection to the server.
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What kind of application/server do you have? What kind of clients are involved?

One general option is to have a DNS with extremly short TTL and to change the DNS record to the second ADSL link IP when the primary link goes down. That is if the clients resolve the server via DNS.
You don't say what distro you are using or what your network configuration is, so I can't be more specific, but one thing you might what to check out is "channel bonding", it allows the creation of a virtual NIC with an IP address that is shared across two real NICs.  This allows load-balancing and failover across the two NICs.
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