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I need to add footer to allout going messages in sendmail
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It is correct that the MILTER interface in sendmail v8.11.x is broken and will probably not work, or won't work reliably.

sendmail v8.11.7 is horribly out of date and contains a number of exploitable security holes. If this is an Internet-connected system, then its ripe for exploitation as an open relay, or as a route to compromise the host system. The oldest version that anyone should run (IMHO) is v8.12.10. I'd pkgrm SUNWsndmu and SUNWsndmr and build/install a decent version. has some good info for doing this on Solaris. Sun ought to be ashamed to keep distributing such ancient versions of sendmail even in their latest Recommended Patches for Solaris v8 and earlier.

The short answer to the original Question is that you can't - not in such an old version of sendmail. You can do it in newer versions of sendmail with, like anfi suggested, 3rd-party tools like MIMEDefang.
Consider using MIMEDefang Milter for the task. The milter is mentioned in the relevant part of sendmail FAQ.
MIMEDefang is perl based GPL licenced (free) milter [ ]
Q3.35 -- How do I add a footer/signature to all (outgoing) e-mail messages?

MIMEDefang can be *also* used for integrating anty-spam (e.g. spamassassin) and anti-virus (e.g. clamav).
nessmssitAuthor Commented:
Hi anfi,

I have the Sendmail  Version 8.11.7p1+Sun for the mimedefang milter will work only for the version 8.12 and above if i'm not wrong. Please advice me how to go a head.
You could you double daemon confiuration used by some anti-spam and anti-virus intgration methods *OR* procmail filtering described in "man procmail".

I do not encourage you to use any of the above mentioned methods.
I merely mention them to give you idea about available "solution space".
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