Personal Web Site Starter Kit


ive downloaded pers.vsi....
cudnt find it associated with any application so renamed it to zip...
extracted the contents and found a zip file
extracted the contents to a folder PWS...

Now i need help to go on from here...

i have VS 2002...
googling isnt taking me anywhere...

so hope to go ahead from here...

im new to the .NET technology...

LVL 18
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It sounds like you're missing one important component -- Visual Web Developer or the like. VSI is the file extension that is used there. Also, the Personal Web Site Starter Kit requires SQL Server Express.

Download Visual Web Developer here:

After that, if you try to download an open a .vsi file, it'll automatically prompt you to install it correctly (rather than having to manually unzip it :) )

Download SQL Server Express here:

Hope this helps!

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diasroshanAuthor Commented:

msdn suggested that PWS wud work with Visual Studio as well... didnt mention abt any lower version but they have written VS 2005...

anyways, what i intend to ask is, will VS 2002 face any issues if i install Visual Web Developer ?

coz they state,
"Before installing, you must uninstall any previous versions of SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio 2005, and the .NET Framework 2.0."... hope its only for beta versions...

one more point, do i need to have SQL Server Express... 54MB... too much to download!!!
wudnt SQL Server 2K suffice ??

Yep, you'd need VS 2005 or Visual Web Developer .... VWD is basically a trimmed down version of VS 2005 that only supports ASP.NET but not creating Windows apps. It will work just fine with VS 2002 or 3 installed -- I have both VS2003 and VWD with no problems..

I see, if you have SQL Server 2000, I would imagine you don't need SQL Server Express. Give it a shot with 2000, and if it doesn't work, you could install express. SQL Server Express is a free version of SQL Server 2005.
diasroshanAuthor Commented:

i did download VWD and SQL Server Express... have kick started with the help of online MSDN help...

will get back very soon for some more push towards the right direction...

Thanx for now...
any more info to get me on the right track on starting with ASP.NET most welcome....

Sure.. The best way to learn is probably by example

There is a pretty good tutorial here from Microsoft:

Also, there is quite a bit of references on the ASP.NET homepage: (

Last but not least, you could also try:

Best of luck! :)

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