Secure Gateway Problem

Hi guys!

On my Windows 2003 Server, I have installed Certificate Services.
Everything installs fine.
I then install Citrix Secure Gateway, and run the config wizard.

As soon as I get to the screen where it shows what certificate I have on my system, I get the following message:

Secure Gateway Configuration Wizard
"The server certificate specified is unusable"

I cannot go any further.

Any help as to why I would be getting this and how to fix it would be of great help.
Thank you.

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Please give more detail on the process you used to create your certificate.
Simon336697Author Commented:
Hi mgcIT

Ill give you the points here, as Ive got the need for help on a related question about certificate creation and the name of the CN in another question I have labelled "STA Server and Citrix"


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