How do Windows rootkits use DLL injection to hide the processes ?

I want to get more info on

1. What's DLL injection?
2. How does it work in context of rootkits?
3. Does it work on user level or kernel rootkits?
4. How does it hide the processes  / listening ports information ?
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There is a very good article on this at Security Focus:
Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
Most rootkit's for windows require admin rights to install (see Sony's CD rootkits: and
A dll injection and or hook is faily simple: (see also PwDump and it's ilk )

basically rootkits work because they are taking advantage of the debugging abilities of your processors interaction between bios and memory. Your able to intercept, modify, and then transmit data because the processor "trusts" the root kit. There are very legitimate uses for debuggers such as soft ice, they do help you to track down bug's and issues in your code as it executes, your able to stop, pause, read, modify anything you want.
The articles linked above can explain better than I. Most DLL injection requires you to have admin rights, especially with XP and 2003's DEP security enhancments, however there is always a way...

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