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dns problem


I move dhcp from one server1 to server2 via set the server2 offline and create all address pool, scope option,.. and set the server1 (address lease to one hour after that shutdown the dhcp from server one and start dhcp from server2. Everything was ok except for
server one is dns controller (server 2 is dns secoundry) all forward lookup zones which is not on both server is not working.
I try to create one of lookupzones which is not in server2 but it is on server1 i create it but it's notworking either.
What should i did wrong what should i do now

Please Help
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1 Solution
>>all forward lookup zones which is not on both server is not working.

well if you shut off server one, and if server one was the only server with those forward DNS zones, how do you expect your clients to be able to resolve DNS queries from a DNS server that you have shut off????? Server2 should have all of the same DNS zones as server1 if you want your network to operate as it did when server1 was still live.
Aida2Author Commented:
I don't shut off server one dhcp on server one is stoppet. i create all forward lookup zone in server2. it's not working
when you do an NS lookup for the desired DNS request from a client machine... which DNS server is is the client looking to?  does that DNS server have a DNS zone and an A record for the request?  If it does have a zone and an A record, the dns query will work... if it doesn't have the record, obviously it wont work.

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