Object binding a public enum property to a combobox

I'm trying to use object binding in a vs2005 c# app - which works fine in general. However, i have a situation where one of the public properties of a class is an enum, which i would like to use a combobox to display the available options. Unfortunately, the bound winforms control only displays the default (first entry) in the enum and none of the others.

Is there a way to have the combobox display all options - similar to the following: combobox.datasource = Enum.GetNames(typeof(PersonStatus)); -  with an existing object setting the list index to the correct value for that instance?

Class and enum definitions as follows:

public enum PersonStatus
     Active = 0,
     Inactive = 1,
     Deceased = 2

public class Person
     private string m_Firstname;
     private string m_Surname;
     private PersonStatus m_Status;

     public Person()

     public Firstname
          get { return m_Firstname; }
          set { m_Firstname = value; }

     public Surname
          get { return m_Surname; }
          set { m_Surname = value; }

     public Status
          get { return m_Status; }
          set { m_Status = value; }

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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drabaecusAuthor Commented:
Well, that wasn't exactly what i was after but it lead me to combine what the wizard provides with the manual setting of the datasource which appears to have done the trick.

i.e. i used the wizard to create object binding to winforms controls, using a combo box for the enum property then in the form constuctor set the datasource of the combo box using: combobox.datasource = Enum.GetNames(typeof(PersonStatus));

nice.  take care.
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