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I have an issue with Microsoft Entourage:mac.  I start running it this morning on my OS X laptops, and it gave me an error.  "The OE Rules file appears corrupt.  Rules cannot be used."  How do I go about repairing this issue, short of a reinstall ?

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First, back up the Entourage data for all the ususal reasons.  Here is a Microsoft article that will tell you where the data files are located:


Then, I would start by repairing disk permissions.  Why repair permissions when the problem is with Entourage?  Because 95% of the time, you always start a Mac OS X fix by repairing the permissions.

To do this, launch Disk Utility which is located in the Utilities folder inside the Applications folder.  Select the hard drive name on the left and then choose "Repair Disk Permissions".

Then, I suggest you download and install the latest update from Microsoft.


Next, I would recommend rebuilding the Entourage database.

Hold down the Option key while launching Entourage.

If that doesn't correct the problem, I would delete the preference files.  They are located at:

Hard Drive/Users/User Name/Library/Preferences/com.microsoft.Entourage.plist

Hard Drive/Users/User Name/Library/Preferences/Microsoft/Entourage Preferences

Good Luck

Roy Greathouse
Roys Tech Works
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